About Me

I am a Senior Manager for DELL.  You can read all you want about  DELL EMC  here .  My work focuses on managing a team of the best Cloud Storage Engineers in the world.

Before joining EMC  I started my stint in Storage with Legato in January 2000 just as the world was about to end for the first time.   Back then, I was the Team Leader for Critical Support, otherwise known as the "Fly and Fix" team within Legato.   That's a nice place to be when the world is going to end.  Fortunately for us,  the world didn't end,  and I continued in this role for five years.  EMC purchased Legato in 2003 during that time.

A few years later in 2005 the Industry adopted remote control (Webex) as part of troubleshooting and the need for a "Fly and Fix" team diminished.  I accepted an in-seat position with the DSE team out of Denver, Colorado.   This is a team that offers a higher level of support for products critical to business.

Finally in late 2016 DELL purchased EMC in the biggest tech deal in history. 

More time at home allotted me the opportunity to tinker with whatever toys crossed my desk.  I started playing Mafia Wars in 2009. I learned Java and Javascript and wrote some revolutionary tools for the game which some say brought an end to Mafia Wars WWI.  Some of those tools eventually grew into my pet project  MWLISTS.COM , which at the peak was getting about 27k hits a week.

When I'm not at work or coding,  I ski the winters away in the wonderful mountains of Colorado's Summit Valley.  In the Summer I'm active outdoors in Colorado's BackCountry.  I've also been known to practice safe low speed maneuvers with my GSXR-1000 (I put that part in for my wife).

I'm supported by my beautiful wife Michelle who always looks out for me, and my three very cool kids Cassie, Matts, and Tara.


Remember to always read the warning labels like this one in Steamboat Colorado. Especially read those with yellow or red.  When in doubt bring some alcohol.
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